Upcoming Events

Regular seminars are planned for Sundays afternoons starting in February 2018, God willing. They will be held at 19 Worland St, Yagoona (650 metres from Yagoona Railway Station), from 3pm tlll 4pm in the downstairs hall.







Seminar 1

3:00 PM

The Kingdom of God in the past

Seminar 2

3:00 PM

The promise of the restoration of the Kingdom of God

Seminar 3

3:00 PM

World events leading up to the re-establishment of the Kingdom

Seminar 4

3:00 PM

The return of Christ and judgment on the nations

Seminar 5

3:00 PM

Christ’s reign of peace

Seminar 6

3:00 PM

The role of saints in the Kingdom

Seminar 7

3:00 PM

Christ’s millennial reign, preparation for something greater

Seminar 8

3:00 PM

Summary and how can we become part of the Kingdom of God?